Nothing other than some little news over the whole big free internet

Principally, i don’t trust the foreign media (here refers the western
media). But the reported stories usually didn’t sound more ridiculous
than the reporter itself. and that is the very thing that makes a
spreading between Trust-Worthy-News and Trust-Non-Worthy-Bullshit so

lets look at the following example:

China Plans a Rare-Animal Hunt

BEIJING, Aug. 9 (Reuters) — China plans to auction licenses to
foreigners to hunt wild animals, including rare species, a newspaper
said on Wednesday.

The government will auction the licenses based on the numbers in each
category of animal, ranging from a starting price of $200 for a wolf,
the only predator on the list, to as much as $40,000 for a yak, The
Beijing Youth Daily said. There are believed to be fewer than 10,000
mature wild yak in the world.

The newspaper said the auction, on Sunday in Chengdu, capital of the
southwestern province of Sichuan, would be a first for China.

The key argument here will not be, where this News come from(obviously not direct from Reuters, but from some "anonymous-media in China" well, that makes the Trust-Worthy even more less), or wether this News true, but, more or less will be, Why the heck would those NON-WORTHY-Foreigners like to gather so many NON-WORTHY-NEWS about China? and How the heck there’re SO MANY?

We can see the counter-arguments to GWB all over the net, and we are seeing sympathies over the US-People… So are the NON-WORTHY-Foreigners to our dogs and wild animals.

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